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Below are for illustration purposes only. They are not guarantees of income. They represent the amazing potential to earn with our pay scale. However, this is a business opportunity that you must work to achieve high earnings.

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"When everyone is looking for gold, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business." - Mark Twain

Digging for Gold is a nice dream, and there may be a few lucky ones who strike it rich online, but the real MONEY comes from selling the "Picks and Shovels" to the Gold Miners. Millions of Internet Marketers are mining for Gold Online. Their picks and shovels are Advertising services.

They MUST have web traffic. This is your ticket to making a

For over 20 years I've seen every hot opportunity under the sun. Some are great, some come and go in a flash but there's ONE thing NEVER goes away and that one thing is a HUGE demand for Advertising.

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How come our Affiliate Program is NOT FREE!
Wondering why it's not FREE to Join? If "FREE" is where your mind-set is then you're probably not making money online. Sorry to be harsh but I'd be lying to you if I told you otherwise. Successful people are not interested in FREE.

Here's why it's Not FREE......
Reason # 1: Free programs are watered down and over exposed. If you're running a successful advertising center, why would you want thousands of people to set up shop for FREE....ultimately vying for your business? That's what happens when you hand out affiliate sites for Free?
Reason # 2: We Pay YOU anytime one of your customers wants to set up shop with their own affiliate page. Charging a fee for the site enables us to do this.

Still NOT Convinced why it's Not FREE? Here's another Reason.
Most Affiliate programs out there let you join them for Free. BUT, the only way you can earn a commission with them is to upgrade your membership. Then in order to make money with them you need to make a MONTHLY Payment Every Month. And on top of that, you only make a small percentage in commissions, normally around 10% to 50% and you could go for months making NO Commissions at all, but you still have to pay that MONTHLY FEE, even if you are not making any money for a long period of time.

We DO NOT RUN that type of Affiliate Program. We have NO Monthly Fees!
You pay Once to become an Affiliate and then you can make commissions over and over for Life with NO Additional Fees, Ever.

Note: we don't want 1,000's of affiliates making nickels and dimes. We want a select group of affiliates who are serious about making real money. Resellers who earn good money will stick around and actively promote.
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